Lubrication Points for CDM 12 (NSM) Player.
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This procedure is recommended to be carried out in a workshop.


The mechanism of the CDM PRO module consists of delicate optical, mechanical and electrical components; therefore, proper handling measures have to be taken:

To avoid damage to the laser by Electro Static Discharges(ESD), service technicians and operators should be grounded during handling.
Excessive mechanical forces on any part should be avoided.
Storage in dusty, high temperature and high humidity environments should be avoided.
Never touch the lens with your fingers, and avoid spoiling the lens with grease from the mechanical parts.
Work in a clean environment.
The Optical Pick Up unit has been carefully adjusted during manufacturing. Avoid touching this part. Do not disassemble. Do not readjust.
Always use proper tools to handle the unit.
Fast heating up (e.g. by bringing the mechanism from a cold place into a warm and humid room) can result in moisture condensing on the lens, thus influencing the playability for a certain time.
Before checking the performances, the mechanism should stabilize to climatic conditions for at least 4 hours.


Before you begin, please have the following ready.
Well-lit bench
Electro conductive mat over workbench or a hand grounding wrist strap.

Tools required:
No. 6 Torx Driver (T6)
No. 10 Torx Driver (T10)

Small Flat Screwdriver

Small Philips Screwdriver
Small Tweezers or small Needle nose pliers
Small Wire Cutter
2 Low Lint Cotton Swabs or Anti-static Foam Swabs
Krytox GLP-204 Performance Lubricant made by DuPont (substitute for factory recommended Tribol 9890 lubricant)

Optional Tools:

Small Bend Tweezers
Magnifying Lamp

Points 1 & 2
Add on the sledge guidance shaft one dot of Krytox lubricant on each side of the sledge.

Points 3 & 4
Add on the sledge guidance plane one dot of Krytox lubricant on each side of the sledge. Place lubricant dot 4 as close as you can in the middle.

Point 5
Press down the sledge spring and add a drop of Krytox lubricant on the spring.

Point 6
Add one dot of Krytox lubricant between pivot spring and worm.

Point 7
Add one dot of Krytox lubricant between worm and idler wheel.

Point 8
Add one dot of Krytox lubricant between idler wheel and gearwheel.

Point 9
Add 2 dots of Krytox lubricant on the guidance plane at each side of the spring.

Point 10
Add 2 dots on Krytox lubricant on the sledge guidance shaft between the two bearing holes.

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