Click for detailsThe most important part of any CD jukebox is the CD player. It is also the most vulnerable, and the most misunderstood part. It is most often a CD Pro-type player manufactured by Philips. The CD Pro and its siblings can present a service challenge to jukebox operators. has teamed with Enco Systems, for 25 years the authorized North American distributor of CD Pro and CD Pro 2 CD players, to give operators and enthusiasts a proven service option.

Do you currently have malfunctioning CD Pro or Pro 2's sitting on your shelves? Consider servicing them yourself. We find most operators are more than qualified to perform these simple procedures in their own shops. Or for those with limited shop facilities, consider contacting us about our rebuild/swap program.

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We realize that not every proud owner of a CD Pro or CD Pro 2 module is a jukebox operator. Hifi enthusiasts around the world may also own highly-valuable, highly-collectible gear that contains a CD Pro or Pro 2 that has "crapped out."

Please click on the link above to visit and read a message from Enco President Chris Bisha. While you're there, read up a little about the CD Pro and Pro 2 and browse our store to see the service parts we offer. Check out our illustrated service instructions and contact us with any questions about service options.

We hope we can help.
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